Bonjour !


I'm a Senior Product Designer based in Edmonds WA, currently working remotely at Messenger, Meta.


I'm originally from France. I grew up in a tiny village of more or less 20 people! I discovered design by accident in college, trying to make lightsabers using Photoshop on photos of me with a stick, realizing later on what else I could do with this software.

After getting my Bachelor's Degree in Design, I joined a web agency for 2 years, followed by a few startups, and eventually moved in the US for Facebook.

Outside of work, I'm a dad of 2 beautilful Golden Retrievers, I spend time woodworking and read comic books.


If you want to connect, or just say hi:

You can also find me on Dribbble, Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin. Life is busy so I can't promise anything is up to date :)